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[Pinned] Introducing the Addons forum

This new forum area is for you to post all about your addons! I know so many of you are proud of your extensive use of addons and how well you've configured them, and now you can brag about your UI or suggest the use of a specific addon for a spec...
Small Daryth 3y
Daryth0143Small Daryth 3y

Kromog Helper > Kromog in options apparently allows you to set people to take hands and puts up an arrow to your hand so no confusion on where t...
Small Kryven 3y
Kryven2793Small Atheistastic 3y

Loot Addon

What is the loot addon the guild uses?
Small Icthelion 3y
Icthelion2212Member avatar small Augor 3y

VEM (Voice Encounter Mods) Addon for DBM you have DBM, check out this add-on. It's actually very nice!
Member avatar small Augor 3y
Augor2258Small Atheistastic 3y

Weakauras strings for Atheistastic

DOT IconsdCu0UaGiQOlPuQAuivNcPSkeLELKcZcvCljL2fcYVquWWqqDmQWYuv6zkfnnvv5AQkABQk8nHsgNsHoNsbVtOuzEikK7HO6GkLSquv1dfkLjIQkxeH0gLu0hvvPgPqPQtQukReLzku0nvkvANiWpruOgQqLLQQQEkvnvuPRku4SQQK5QQc7vXFrKbtoSelws1JrYKLKllAZc5ZkvJgH60s51QQOzlv3MkTBk9Bbdhvz5u8...
Small Grumpasaurus 3y
Grumpasaurus0231Small Grumpasaurus 3y

Post your UI!

Just thought I'd post some of my UI's over the years. I really enjoy changing them around and have gotten to the point of being fairly comfortable with most addon/weak aura configuration. Feel free to post some of yours too! It's always nice to se...
Small Boatshoes24 3y
Boatshoes240140Small Boatshoes24 3y
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