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Welcome to Seven Sages
Welcome to the home of Seven Sages on Sargeras! We're currently recruiting for new content, so please see our forums on how to apply! Make sure when you apply you create an account (look in the upper right hand corner where it says LOG IN/Create an Account. This way we can upgrade your account so you can read forums. If you cannot make 90% of raids (Tuesday and Thursday 8-11:30 server and potential cleanups on mondays same times) please don't bother applying.

We're welcoming to exceptional players of any class/spec, but specifically seeking:
  • Current Needs
  • - Exceptional DPS or Healers
  • - Leather Tank
  • - Warlock
  • - Elemental Shaman
  • - Resto Shaman
  • - Anyone with amazing logs!

Our Mythic Garrosh kill

Our heroic Siegecrafter Kill
Daryth / Oct 06, 2014
We've updated the Gallery, and Videos section to host boss kills and videos for the guild. The top menu has also been updated to reflect the site sections that we actually use. And finally, our recruitment message on the sidebar has been changed to a progression piece since recruitment is all done on the forums.